Drug Policy at Edsafecure

We have a well-defined drug policy that is complex. All the customers ready to buy medicines on our portal are asked to check out our drug policy, which is mentioned below.

We have noted everything of our drug policy, which clearly states the kinds of drugs we sell, the way we secure the medications, who investigates the price of medicines and the supplies, quality evaluations of these medications performed by our specialists, as well as the advantage of purchasing medicines from Edsafecure.

Know About Generic Drugs

Generic drugs are pharmaceutical preparations that include the same active elements in the same group. In addition, the prominent drugs on which they are established (the so-called “originating medications”). Generic medications in originator drugs differ most frequently from the binding components and colors, which do not have healing results and are distinguished by their name.

The producers of brand-name medicines spend a lot of money promoting their product and convincing people to buy it. This promotion and marketing cost is joined to the price of the product. Since the manufacturers of generics do not waste money on such activities, they are more reasonable than branded medicines.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, generics do not require the same inactive elements as the brand-name product. (Inactive elements would be those that have nothing to do with all the curative action of the drug-binding elements, additives, colors, chemicals, and flavoring agents).

According our drug policy and the trademark laws, a generic pill is not permitted to look just like its counterpart. Therefore, the generic version of the drug looks different from the branded counterparts, although both have identical appearances and work exactly identically.

By law, generics must comply with the same pennants or quality assets for their brand-name counterparts. The WHO claims that the generic drugs are bioequivalent to brand-name complements and work as efficiently and speedily.

What are the benefits of Generic Medicines?

A top benefit from generic medications includes a society providing safe, quality, and useful drugs.

Estimated savings every year globally, assist the medical care system, and increase the budget made to the required expensive medical therapies and patient services. Creating a positive competition between originating and generic drugs contributes to introducing an effective market and stimulating innovation in the pharmaceutical market.

Prescription Policy

Following instructions for online drugstores, we can ask you to give us a legitimate prescription for several drugs. Go through the pointers under before making any order from Edsafecure.com to prevent any inconvenience.

  • You can either email us the scanned copy of the prescription at [email protected].
  • A qualified doctor should physically prescribe English vocabulary. We do not entertain online prescriptions.
  • If you fail to send us the prescription within 15 days of ordering it online, we will cancel your order.
  • Our customer care executives may call you to solve difficulties concerning prescripts, if any.