Edsafecure listed below frequently asked questions (FAQs) for all online visitors who have any query for generic medicine, prescription, track order, order cancellation etc.

Which Countries are preferable for purchasing generic Medications?

Apart from countries like Canada and the United States, generic pharmaceutical products are fabricated in countries like India and the European Union too.

Will Be the Drugs considered secure?

Due to the European international legal guidelines implementing the safety and viability of medicinal drugs, generic medications have been carried out while abiding by the health regulations and the greatest safety and quality standards. Therefore these drugs are safe.

What is the Process of purchasing a medication via prescription?

We will allow you with all our drug delivery solutions. We will subsequently be sending one of the prescribed medications (for additional information, visit https://edsafecure.com//).

Contemplating the time required for delivery and shipment, what are the least quantity of expiry date of this medication?

We have a stringent policy of ensuring a minimum of six months of the viability of this medication before it has died, exclusive of this Shipment and delivery interval. If you need a protracted expiry date to get a prolonged program, you could mention it by calling our client support Workers.

Generally, how long can it take for my prescribed medication to get there?

The typical time has been taken in the ordering to the conclusion of the dispatch procedure is about 10-14 days. But some delays might happen due to occasional technical issues, and the procedure may take 30 times maximum.

Among the significant delaying factors to this shipping is that the time required to acquire approval from habit control might get extended largely due to the high number of bundles, lawful protocols, and flight timings.

Can there be some way to monitor the progress of this purchase?

Your purchase could be tracked down by simply utilizing the Monitoring number assigned by the company. If you have lost the Monitoring number information or have dropped it, it’s still feasible to monitor your purchase, but it might ask that you send an email to this company requesting the tracking number. Logistic support to our client care providers.

I’ve put my order, can I cancel it now?

he provision of canceling your order shall be related only as long as the order hasn’t been discharged for dispatch yet. Your ordering number shall be deducted in the scenario mentioned above, and you will be charged with the cancellation fee simply. Nevertheless, in the event the orders have already been processed or sent by us, they will not be pinpointed, which in some instances, can occur within 12 hours after the order placement.

In case I get the wrong dosage of medicinal shipping, when what I do then?

Under such circumstances, it’s crucial to contact us immediately. As soon as we get your message of a mistake in shipping, we will be sending you the proper dose of this medicine.

Though I had finished my ordering process, I haven’t received any confirmation mail yet. Why is it so?

  • Followed by your positioning of the order, you’ll be getting the confirmation email automatically in a few seconds.
  • In case you did not get a confirmation mail despite setting the order, It may be due to the following reasons:
  • Maybe our confirmation mail has not reached your mailbox and might have achieved in the Spam or Junk mailbox.
  • Our confirmation email is from the spam or Junk Mailbox. Try to find that the “Mark as great” or “Add a sender to snowy – list“. By doing so, it is going to stop the emails from entering Spam or Trash Mailbox in the future.

What if I had mistakenly entered an incorrect email address?

Supplying the wrong email address, you entered once registering an arrangement is one of the most frequent reasons for not getting a confirmation email. In that case, you will have to repeat the registration procedure while utilizing the right email address.

Why some of the medicines found at traditional pharmacies are not found or sold in online pharmaceutical programs?

In the case of some therapeutic drugs, there exist some legal Procedures that limit their availability simply to the traditional pharmacy stores.

Why despite utilizing the card payment method before, I can’t pay online today?

  • One of the probable causes is perhaps you didn`t enter a password (so-called Security code) at the last step.
  • It may be possible your bank uses the MasterCard Security code also verified by Visa protocols, which frequently means you have to utilize it for the other trades, thus not permitting the transaction.
  • The main advantages of using the MasterCard Security Code and Verified by Visa for online payments would be that the user will gain the information if his card has been used without his approval.
  • Transmission of sensitive information is performed between the bank and the user. So that, all payments are created out of the passcode or protected code That the card consumer knows.